Tim Anderson Really Likes to Swing

In terms of baseball etiquette and culture, Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox strives to be different.  He actively diverges from the traditional persona of a “baseball player” and wants to rebrand the game in order to attract a younger generation of fans.  Shockingly, in his quest to change the very essence of a […]

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Intersection of Two Sporting Worlds

Every prominent industry is made up by a set of trends, variations and new developments that expand the very essence of the field’s landscape.  This can be seen in the technology industry, the creation of the internet completely and totally redefining the sector, with automation set to be the industry’s next big wave.  The same […]

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The RJ Hampton Effect

June 28, 2005. This was the day of the 2005 NBA draft, the day that Amir Johnson was taken in the second round, with the 56th overall pick, by the Detroit Pistons.  This may seem relatively irrelevant, it most definitely did at the time, but this pick marked the end of an era in basketball […]

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The Original Lifestyle Brand

Today, everyone seems to be starting a streetwear company.  Every new “influencer” is trying to create the next big lifestyle brand.  These businesses often get slack for a high price and lack of substance to their products.  Supreme throws its name on a backpack, and it’s worth thousands of dollars. Off-White sells plain white t-shirts, […]

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The Kyler Conundrum

It is very rare that sports today enter uncharted waters.  For the most part, it seems that everything that is humanly possible (and not a ridiculously specific reach by an ESPN statistician) has been done before.  But, we are now at a point in time where the history books can be rewritten, and I’m going […]

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