Welcome to The Show

I finally did it.  I made it big time.  This is like my draft day.  Years and years of experience leading up to this moment.  I made it to The Show.  Years of anguished fandom, yearning for a way to express my emotions.  Years of school, developing a passion for writing and journalism but being put in a creative box, very rarely permitted to write about anything that came close to sparking my interest.  I had no muse.  Years of getting lost in the world of sports, enamored by the rise and demise of sporting empires, enthralled in the creation of superhero like storylines with athletes taking the roles of “hero” and “villain,” and excitedly awaiting the Mets finding yet another way to disappoint and break my heart.

Now to formally introduce myself, I’m Adam Bernstein.  I’m currently 18 years old and starting my undergraduate journey at the University of Michigan after spending all of my life until now growing up in Long Island, New York.  I’m an avid fan of the Knicks, Jets, and Mets (the last one being by far the most important) and my favorite professional athlete is Ron Baker. I rode the bench on a few Varsity teams throughout high school.  Outside of that, I love my camp (shoutout to the 01230), I play some guitar, I love rap music, and overall I’m a pretty normal teenage boy.

Pretty much, I’m a teenage kid who loves sports.  I don’t claim to be some sort of expert, I don’t think my opinion holds any more weight than yours, and I’m certainly not the judge of right and wrong in the sports world.  I know a good amount about sports, and take a slightly different angle to analyzing them than most, and I hope this blog will reflect that.  I won’t be writing articles recapping last night’s game, nor will I be writing weekly player profiles.  While important, those don’t truly spark my interest.

My goal with this blog is to cover topics in the sporting community that most fans wouldn’t casually think about.  I want my readers to come back every week and learn something new.  Have something to chew on.  Something interesting to ponder.  Ideally, I want to spark debate.  I think sports are so much more than meets the eye.  It’s way more than how many hits he got, what percentage he shot from the line, or what formation they are lined up in.  The sports world intertwines with politics, economics, social movements, and can change lives.  Certain players and positions are undervalued, under appreciated, and misunderstood.  I want to clear that up, and provide my audience with a different outlook on sports.

So, in conclusion, I couldn’t be more excited.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you continue to come along for the ride.  That’s it for this edition of The Infield Fly, and I’ll see you again soon with a real first article, hopefully introducing you to a whole new side of sports.


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